Wk 13 – Art Experience – Care Package

This week had a very interesting and personal project. In my care package, I put a few items that had little monetary value, but high personal/ephemeral value. First, I put a disposable camera that I found after a concert, containing pictures of the concert. If the recipient chooses to develop the film, it should be an interesting experience seeing photos from something that you didn’t experience. I also included the ticket stub and a guitar pick from that same concert. Then, I put in a pin that I got at a vintage store in Downtown LA. Lastly, I put a sticker from Port City Tattoo shop here in Long Beach. I got two tattoos there, and I highly recommend it.

I don’t think sending an ACP is similar to a Snapchat at all. Snapchat is an in the moment blip in time that disappears instantly. These items could be here for much longer than a snapchat has. Who knows how old the pin is, or who had it before I did. I think ephemera is a very important thing. It is interesting to be able to see what came decades before you did. Buying new things at the store may be nice sometimes, but personally, I prefer going to vintage and antique shops and searching for little treasures that have way more value than a new handbag or pair of shoes would.


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