Wk 12 – Art Experience – Geocaching

4/17: This week was a very interesting and interactive art experience. It involved us to go on some sort of a treasure hunt, and to bury our own treasure as well. I tried to use the information on the ‘Geocaching’ iOS app, but I had no luck finding any of the supposedly placed items


After almost an hour of searching, I figured that it must have been out of date or stolen from the coordinates. I then went and place my own little box of trinkets hoping that someone would have better luck than I did and actually find it. I used an old cassette tape container, and in it I put a $2 bill, a guitar pick, a band’s pin, a mini highlighter, and a sticky note for a log book. I call it “Vintage Treasures”.


I hid this at the coordinates 33.783338 N and -118.118834 W on campus.

This project had me thinking about what little trinkets and items have been placed around the world and still have not been found. What if an old Egyptian Prince or a merchant in India had hidden a valuable item hoping that it would be recovered in the years to follow, but it still hasn’t been? What if the items that I hid never get recovered, and in 100 years, someone finds them? That would blow my mind.




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