Wk10 – Art Experience – Instagram

This week was the ever so exciting Instagram week! I am a huge fan of Instagram, so I was really looking forward to this week. I think Instagram is a great social media platform to share and view other people’s lives with minimal room for “spam” or “trolling” as you might see on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. I am a very visual person, so Instagram is incredibly enjoyable for me. It’s a way for the average person to test their photography skills and experiment with settings such as exposure, tint, etc., while also being able to share with friends and keep in touch.

While scrolling through #art110s16, I saw a lot of great photos of daily life around CSULB, and also my classmate’s adventures after school. I saw this post from @j.zyln of the vinyls at Fingerprints Music in Long Beach. It’s one of my favorite stores!


Next, I saw a post from @laayyknee of the sunset that night, and it was beautiful. I’m a huge fan of sunsets so I found this picture pretty awesome.


Lastly, I saw a post from @beachybananaz, and it was of macaron ice cream sandwiches from Snow Monster, which I happen to work at. I was even working on that day, so I might have even made those.

Overall, this project was exciting to see what my classmate’s were up to for the day! My photos can be found at @bekahjohnson110.


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