General Scooter Perkins


Greetings, I am General Scooter Perkins, First Commander of the Galactic Coalition: Canine Sector. I am the head of covert operations to ensure the safety of the Coalition and to further our efforts in returning the galaxy to its rightful state. Those who are not with me are against me, and will be spared no mercy in battle.

I work along side some of the best in the galaxy, my right hand man being Robert Lee Abram. Abram is an expert in weaponry and assists me in defending Moonbase Alpha and the rest of the galaxy. Another great member key to ensuring safety is Sakata Toshi. Toshi was sent to Moonbase from the Japanese Self-Defense Force, and is incredibly skilled in his work. It is of high priority to capture Tsunami the Eliminator, a rebel filled with hate and anger trying to take over Moonbase and possibly the galaxy. By working side by side with Abram and Toshi, we are hopeful to stop the acts of violence from Tsunami and keep the base and galaxy in peace.


Robert Lee Abram:

Sakata Toshi:

Tsunami the Eliminator:



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