Wk6 – Art Experience – Photo Walk

For this week’s art experience, I had the pleasure of taking a stroll around our beautiful campus with some classmates. I went on the walk led by Crysta Tim. We walked along a lot of the more common areas that a lot of students spend a lot of time at, such as the bookstore and the University Student Union. One of the things I liked about doing so is that I noticed things that I had never noticed before. For example, the blue tiled building across from Peterson Hall is extremely cool, and Thursday was the first time that I actually recognized that it was so unique from the other buildings on campus. My favorite thing about campus is that there is so many beautiful trees and landscaping everywhere. As you can see, a majority of my photos were of the trees we have on campus. Another thing that I like is that all of the buildings, apart from the blue tiled one, are all aesthetically the same. I prefer things to be symmetrical and to have the similar color schemes so it is nice having a campus that does so. Overall, the photo walk this week was awesome and it was fun to do experience the beauty of our campus with my classmates.


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